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Share trading allows users to purchase ownership interest in a corporation or financial asset. They provide an equal distribution of profits in the form of dividends. Thanks to FP Markets [read review] and their new IRESS platform, you can access this market for an incredible low rate!

The IRESS trader is a fully dynamic trading platform with a wide range of products. It offers alerts, charting, and portfolio updates. There is also streaming news in real-time for all clients!

The cost of the IRESS platform on FP Markets is just $55 per month plus $22 per month for market data. This is rebated once the user has generated their first $200 in commission.

The main benefit to trading shares vs. CFDs is the spread. A standard shares account has extremely low spreads; in some cases they are actually 0.0 pips. This allows users to make a profit immediately and execute a fast trading strategy.

Want to find out more? Sign up at FP Markets [read review] and get in touch with one of their account managers. They will be happy to help you get started!

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