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Vantage FX [read review]

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Vantage FX [read review] provides a high paying rebate program that has no time limit or trade size limit. Opting into the Forex cashback program lowers your exchange costs. It's the most transparent Forex rebate program in the vast Forex exchange industry.

Get to earn ten percent of the amount you put into your account as Forex cashback. However, it should be not less than $1000. The bonus can be converted into money via $2 rebates as you trade Forex. To enjoy this, you must have a Vantage FX account.

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Who Is Eligible?
Vantage FX [read review] only allows its clients and those trading with it to participate in the Forex Cashback Program. However, if you are not a client, you can quickly sign up for an account, put a thousand dollars there and fill an online rebate inclusion form.

How are the Rebates Calculated?
A rebate bonus is calculated by taking ten percent of the amount deposited. A Forex cashback, on the other hand, depends on the number of lots traded on Forex which is multiplied by $2. There's another bonus that is calculated by subtracting the ten percent bonus from the Forex rebates.

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