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Trade Executions Speed Matters at Forex.com

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Forex.com [read review]

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You probably know that in online trading every second counts. For expert traders every milli-second counts. If you trade enough, sooner or later those fractions of seconds will equate to thousands of dollars of profit or loss. That's why it's so important to trade with a fast online broker.

Forex.com [read review] is committed to quality trade executions. They boast that 99.78% of trades are executed in less than 1 second. Their average execution speed is just 0.05 seconds! That's the elapsed time between market order receipt and the completion of the trade.

Lightning fast trades is just one advantage of trading with Forex.com. They also offer ultra-competative pricing and tight spreads. For example, the average spread for the USD/CAD pair is 2.8 pips. At Forex.com it's just 1.5 pips. That's a big difference when trading large volumes!

If you find these features enticing, head over to Forex.com [read review] and sign up. Their team will help you get started with the account that's right for you.

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