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Trade Shares with the IRESS Trader Platform

Share trading allows users to purchase ownership interest in a corporation or financial asset. They provide an equal distribution of profits in the form of dividends. Thanks to FP Markets [read review] and their new IRESS platform, you can access this market for an incredible low rate!

The IRESS trader is a fully dynamic trading platform with a wide range of products. It offers alerts, charting, and portfolio updates. There is also streaming news in real-time for all clients!

The cost of the IRESS platform on FP Markets is just $55 per month plus $22 per month for market data. This is rebated once the user has generated their first $200 in commission.

The main benefit to trading shares vs. CFDs is the spread. A standard shares account has extremely low spreads; in some cases they are actually 0.0 pips. This allows users to make a profit immediately and execute a fast trading strategy.

Want to find out more? Sign up at FP Markets [read review] and get in touch with one of their account managers. They will be happy to help you get started!
Posted by Futures Options Trading on 04/12/2019

Options Broker Rewards Its Most Active Users

Options trading is a fast-paced, high risk way to play the markets. It can involve highs and lows! Some traders like to choose their trades carefully, while others make trades on top of trades to try to balance their wins and losses.

At Binarycent [read review] you can play it either way. They run a weekly contest, however, that rewards those who like to make a higher volume of trades. The object of it is simple; whoever has the most trades wins.

All BinaryCent users are automatically entered into the contest. At the end of the week, whoever has made the most trades wins. The top 20 traders are all paid! In total, the prize pool of this options trading contest is $20,000.

It doesn't matter what size your trades are. Every trade counts the same. With a minimum of just 10 cents per trade, it's possible to make a high volume of trades here.

Interested in getting started? Binarycent [read review] has other great benefits besides this contest. There are many deposit options, including 15 altcoins! Live support is ready to help you get started.
Posted by Futures Options Trading on 11/01/2018

Trading Contest - InstaForex Sniper Weekly is Back!

Forex options are becoming popular among traders more than ever before. This is because of the immense profits this trading can yield. In InstaForex [read review] the trader can foresee whether the activation price will be higher or lower than the closing price during the trading contest. The current weekly trading contest is already happening and will end on the 28th of September this year. The next competition is open for registration and will start on the 1st to 5th of October 2018. The registration will end one hour before the contest begins.

The weekly trading contest will take place on the InstaForex website on the contest trading accounts. It means that the people who have already registered can participate online via their iPhone, Ipad, Android phones or laptops.

If you want to become a participant in the Forex market, you have to be over eighteen years of age. You are also required to accept the requirement of providing accurate data and even the full name identical to the one available in the email address and specified in your identification card. After that, you can open a demo account and start winning.

he weekly prizes for the sniper are one thousand, five hundred dollars. This money is distributed among the winners in the first to the fifth position. The winner in the first place gets five hundred dollars, the second position gets four hundred dollars, third gets three hundred dollars, fourth gets two hundred dollars, and the winner in the fifth position is awarded a hundred dollars.

Terms and conditions for InstaForex sniper

This weekly context is organized by InstaForex Group and is held from Monday to Friday. As mentioned above, the prize pool for every contest is fifteen hundred dollars. Every person is allowed to participate in the weekly context as long as they own one trading account with InstaForex Company. After getting the individual demo account, there must be an initial deposit of ten thousand dollars. It is important to note that this amount is fixed and cannot be changed. The contest results and the winner are announced fourteen days after the contest, where the awards are credited to the winners account.

It is necessary for every beginner to go through the inevitable stages of acquiring the essential knowledge and skills. You need to be competent in this field to avoid incurring any losses. After that, you can start the InstaForex [read review] contest with any amount at low risk and increase the volume of the trading operations as you continue getting experienced.
Posted by Futures Options Trading on 09/26/2018

It Pays to Trade with this Forex Rebate Program

Vantage FX [read review] provides a high paying rebate program that has no time limit or trade size limit. Opting into the Forex cashback program lowers your exchange costs. It's the most transparent Forex rebate program in the vast Forex exchange industry.

Get to earn ten percent of the amount you put into your account as Forex cashback. However, it should be not less than $1000. The bonus can be converted into money via $2 rebates as you trade Forex. To enjoy this, you must have a Vantage FX account.

Learn more about the advantages of trading with VantageFX

Who Is Eligible?
Vantage FX [read review] only allows its clients and those trading with it to participate in the Forex Cashback Program. However, if you are not a client, you can quickly sign up for an account, put a thousand dollars there and fill an online rebate inclusion form.

How are the Rebates Calculated?
A rebate bonus is calculated by taking ten percent of the amount deposited. A Forex cashback, on the other hand, depends on the number of lots traded on Forex which is multiplied by $2. There's another bonus that is calculated by subtracting the ten percent bonus from the Forex rebates.
Posted by Futures Options Trading on 04/17/2018

Free Daily Binary Options Tournaments with Cash Prizes

Binomo is a company which offers an excellent binary options trading platform. The Binomo [read review] tournament involves winning some money as prizes in a daily Free Tournament. It varies with time as there people who can participate in the tournament for a week, others for a month and some have limited time thus they can participate for a few hours.

In order to win you have to trade skillfully over the course of the contest. You also have to be tactical and calculate on every trade that you will make.

To participate in the competition you should verify your account by loading the residence documents and identity. You have to beat all the competitors' in order to win thus you need strategies and techniques that will help you in winning the big Prizes.

Find Out More About Binomo's Daily FREE Tourneys

Posted by Futures Options Trading on 05/14/2020