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Trade Executions Speed Matters at Forex.com

You probably know that in online trading every second counts. For expert traders every milli-second counts. If you trade enough, sooner or later those fractions of seconds will equate to thousands of dollars of profit or loss. That's why it's so important to trade with a fast online broker.

Forex.com [read review] is committed to quality trade executions. They boast that 99.78% of trades are executed in less than 1 second. Their average execution speed is just 0.05 seconds! That's the elapsed time between market order receipt and the completion of the trade.

Lightning fast trades is just one advantage of trading with Forex.com. They also offer ultra-competative pricing and tight spreads. For example, the average spread for the USD/CAD pair is 2.8 pips. At Forex.com it's just 1.5 pips. That's a big difference when trading large volumes!

If you find these features enticing, head over to Forex.com [read review] and sign up. Their team will help you get started with the account that's right for you.
Posted by Futures Options Trading on 09/26/2020

Trading Tournaments are a Low Cost, High Reward Way to Trade

Embarking on a journey towards financial independence can be strenuous, especially if you have no idea where to begin. Well, if this is you, then the trading tournaments enlisted on Binomo [read review] are an excellent fit for you. These tournaments present the opportunity for binary trading with the guarantee of fantastic take-home rewards to the winners of the day. They have been tailored with the different investors in mind from the beginner to the more risk seekers, thus a great mixture. Their naming and image identifiers further eliciting confidence and curiosity among its participants.

Currently, there are four trade tournaments hosted on Binomo- Surf, Week, WeekEnd, and Two Days. Each of these tournaments affords members fantastic opportunities for binary trading from two days stretching to one month. The different trade duration offer a myriad of options for possible wins; thus, one can easily offset their losses.

For you to participate in any of the tournaments, you need to open an exclusive account. This account should be different from your main account, which should have no less than the participation cost before signing up. This cost of participation differs per tournament.
Notably, the Binomo [read review] team is committed to transparency and fairness in all matches; thus, every contestant starts with the same balance. There is, however, the possibility of rebuys for all contestants in the event their balances are less than 100. With part of the participation cost going to the winners, every player seeks to retain a maximum balance at the end of the tournament.
Posted by Futures Options Trading on 03/30/2020

Learn More, Earn More - The Advantages of AxiTrader

AxiTrader [read review] is an award-winning Forex brokers company, and is loved and trusted by many traders. With over 24,000 trading accounts, this company is among the most popular Forex Brokers in Australia. There are various reasons why traders are fond of Axitrader, such as the training they provide, remarkable customer service, and their fascinating tools.

1. Sharpen your Skills

Axitrader offers traders a chance to learn more and get better. Together with Knightsbridge Trading Academy, it provides online courses for traders of any level. The program, approved by London Stock Exchange and the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment uses skilled tutors and experts to train traders.

2. Effective Tools

Axitraders offers an array of trading tools such as VPS and Autochartist that help traders navigate the market, get essential information, and to trade without interruptions. It also provides the PsyQuation Premium tool, an advancement of the PsyQuation software with improved functionality. This analysis tool that is usually worth $97.50 per month is free for Axitraderís eligible clients. AxiTrader [read review] has a lot of other amazing benefits such as its variety of Cryptocurrencies, excellent customer service, and its diversity in client support that serves clients in different languages.
Posted by Futures Options Trading on 06/04/2019

Trade Shares with the IRESS Trader Platform

Share trading allows users to purchase ownership interest in a corporation or financial asset. They provide an equal distribution of profits in the form of dividends. Thanks to FP Markets [read review] and their new IRESS platform, you can access this market for an incredible low rate!

The IRESS trader is a fully dynamic trading platform with a wide range of products. It offers alerts, charting, and portfolio updates. There is also streaming news in real-time for all clients!

The cost of the IRESS platform on FP Markets is just $55 per month plus $22 per month for market data. This is rebated once the user has generated their first $200 in commission.

The main benefit to trading shares vs. CFDs is the spread. A standard shares account has extremely low spreads; in some cases they are actually 0.0 pips. This allows users to make a profit immediately and execute a fast trading strategy.

Want to find out more? Sign up at FP Markets [read review] and get in touch with one of their account managers. They will be happy to help you get started!
Posted by Futures Options Trading on 04/12/2019

Options Broker Rewards Its Most Active Users

Options trading is a fast-paced, high risk way to play the markets. It can involve highs and lows! Some traders like to choose their trades carefully, while others make trades on top of trades to try to balance their wins and losses.

At Binarycent [read review] you can play it either way. They run a weekly contest, however, that rewards those who like to make a higher volume of trades. The object of it is simple; whoever has the most trades wins.

All BinaryCent users are automatically entered into the contest. At the end of the week, whoever has made the most trades wins. The top 20 traders are all paid! In total, the prize pool of this options trading contest is $20,000.

It doesn't matter what size your trades are. Every trade counts the same. With a minimum of just 10 cents per trade, it's possible to make a high volume of trades here.

Interested in getting started? Binarycent [read review] has other great benefits besides this contest. There are many deposit options, including 15 altcoins! Live support is ready to help you get started.
Posted by Futures Options Trading on 11/01/2018